Non-UK domiciled tax advice

Ensure your offshore affairs are correctly structured

The taxation of non-UK domiciled individuals has become more and more complex since the major overhaul of the changes made in 2008. The tax benefits of being non-UK domiciled have reduced, but valuable tax savings can be made providing your UK and overseas assets are correctly structured.

Careful planning needs to be made on a bespoke basis which will depend on the individualís asset base, income sources and intentions for the future, both short and long term.

Even a matter that seems straightforward at first instance can become complex once the full history of overseas income and gains has been confirmed and planning is required to ensure that UK tax liabilities are not inadvertently created.

The tax team at Barnbrook Sinclair have extensive experience in dealing with High Net Worth non-UK domiciled individuals and are well placed to provide the advice and assistance you need.

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