HMRC Enquiries

Let us fight your corner against the Taxman

The economic climate has led to an increased pressure for HMRC to raise additional funds from tax payers which in turn is leading to an increased volume of investigations and compliance checks being made by HMRC both at an individual and corporate level.

Due to the "file now check later" approach to Self Assessment, HMRC do not have to provide any reason to open an enquiry into an individual’s or company’s tax affairs, and taxpayers can be subject to a random sample check. The costs involved in these cases can often become expensive to defend, even if there is ultimately no additional tax assessments raised at the end of the enquiry. We are therefore able to provide a fee protection service to assist with covering professional fees in the event of an enquiry.

When faced with an enquiry, it is essential to ensure that communications are handled correctly with HMRC in order that you are able to robustly defend your tax position to avoid additional tax, interest and penalties.

The team at Barnbrook Sinclair have a wealth of experience in liaising with HMRC and have the technical expertise to bring tax enquiries to a swift and successful conclusion.

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